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We offer a variety of haulage services and operations. We have Prime Movers with or without cranes, flatdeck semis with container pins, Extendable dropdeck, Rough Terrain Forklift and a Boat transport cradle.


We are able to transport a huge variety of freight from general palletised goods through to specialised items such as boats and trusses. We are also able to load and unload ourselves in any location.


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Crane and Cartage move boats of many shapes and sizes to and from destinations all over Australia .

As keen yachties and boat owners ourselves we understand how precious this kind of cargo is .All vessels are treated with the utmost care so can be confident that your pride and joy is in good hands .

We can provide a complete point to point service including Haulout/Launching and pilots etc if you require .

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Crane and Cartage have a Prime mover fitted with a 17 ton/meter crane to provide a loading / unloading service .

We are also able to provide a crane service using the prime mover only ,which can be handy for those "hard to get to" spots for Spa pools , Pianos Etc on and off balconies and courtyards etc.

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Crane and Cartage have Prime movers both with and without Cranes.

They are fitted with hydraulics .

These trucks are available to tow either your trailers or ours .

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Crane and Cartage have Flat deck and Drop deck Semi trailers .

Our flat deck trailers are fitted with container pins .

We have a drop deck trailer which has ramps for all sorts of machinery and vehicles .This trailer extends to 16.5 meters for long freight .It also has bridges for carrying trusses and beams etc.

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